How does Pure Water Window Cleaning work?

Water is Purified using a process called Reverse Osmosis which takes out all the dirt & minerals that could leave marks on the glass.

Then special lightweight poles & brushes are used to access windows from ground level, so no need for ladders.

The brush rubs all the dirt from the glass and surrounding frames & sills then the whole window is rinsed with the Pure Water which will dry clean with NO marks.

What are the benefits of HOT Pure Water?

Best way to explain the benefits of using HOT Pure Water is by using an illustration:

When you clean your dishes would you use cold or hot water? More than likely it’s Hot, as this helps clean the dishes more throughly and cut through the dirt quicker

So although Cold Pure Water will do a great job cleaning your windows, HOT Pure Water helps us to clean & cut through the dirt on your windows even more effectively.

Do you clean inside windows & How much is this?

Yes we do clean inside windows using traditional methods.

How much depends on various factors, but a rough guide line is:
Price of External Window Clean x 2
e.g. If an external window clean is £20, cleaning the insides would be £40. So total inside and out = £60

What is classed as a regular clean?

Jobs that have the windows cleaned on a set interval to suit the customers needs.

The most common intervals are every 4, 6, 8, or 12 Weekly.

Do you clean windows traditionally?

We started window cleaning in 2001, and for many years we only cleaned windows traditionally.

Since 2006 we changed to using the Pure Water Fed Pole System, and only use this system now to clean external windows.

However, we do still clean some windows traditionally e.g. to clean inside windows (for obvious reasons) & the odd external window if they cannot be cleaned with the Pure Water System

What are the telescopic water fed poles made from?

Water Fed Poles are made from Glass Fibre, Carbon Fibre or a Glass/Carbon Fibre Mix.

We use Full Carbon Fibre poles, they are stronger, lighter & more durable than Glass Fibre Poles.

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