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Facia & Soffit Cleaning


Most Properties have Facias, Soffits, Cladding or Weather Boarding.

Normally these are made from UPVC but sometimes from Treated Wood.

Using our telescopic water fed poles and brushes we are able to reach and access these up to 45ft high.

The HOT Pure Water we use can cut through the dirt build up and keep them clean and looking there best. If they are UPVC, once cleaned, they can often look like new.

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Solar Panel Cleaning


Solar Panels are an energy efficient addition to your home, however over time they become covered in dirt, dust and algae which can reduce their efficiency.

Using Our System we can access most solar panels from ground level with our telescopic poles, and the HOT Pure Water can easily cut through all the dirt.

Regular cleaning of your solar panels can ensure this does not happen and many people have reported improvements of 15%-30%.

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