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I, Joshua Grant, established the business over 20 years ago at 16 years old, so we
have many years of experience. Our small, kind & friendly team provide a hasslefree,
consistent and professional job to keep your windows cleaned through out
the year. We also provide one-off cleaning where required.
We clean all types of properties including houses, apartments, offices &
commercial units. For our customers convenience we offer as standard features to
make payment and notifications quick and simple as possible e.g. email invoicing,
direct debit or BACS payment and text/email reminders for clean dates.
Primarily we do Window Cleaning, but we also specialise in other services such
as Solar Panel Cleaning & Facia/Soffit Cleaning.
For all these services we utilise the latest equipment and technology
including Pure Hot Water Cleaning Systems which use telescopic poles to reach
up to 40ft.

We are FULLY Insured.

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Window Cleaning is the primary service offered by JG Window Cleaning.

We provide a regular and reliable window clean all year round to suit our customers, but also one-off cleans where required.

We clean windows with purified water, using telescopic lightweight poles and
brushes, doing it in this way enables us to access windows up to 40ft high and in awkward places.

This method enables us to clean the property safely; to avoid using ladders and access equipment that could cause damage to sills, tiles or painted / rendered walls and to clean the whole window, not just the glass!

Instead of using cold pure water, we have upgraded our system and use HOT Pure Water for Window Cleaning, this helps to cut through all dirt and grime far better, leaving an even cleaner window.

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Facia & Soffit Cleaning:
Most Properties have Facias, Soffits, Cladding or Weather Boarding.
Normally these are made from UPVC but sometimes from Treated Wood.

Using our telescopic water fed poles and brushes we are able to reach and access these up to 40ft high.

First we pre-soak the boards with a detergent, we then use the HOT Pure Water to scrub, wash down and cut through the dirt and grime so they are clean and look their best. If they are UPVC, once cleaned, they can often look like new.

Solar Panel Cleaning:
Solar Panels are an energy efficient addition to your home, however over time they become covered in dirt, dust and algae which can reduce their efficiency.

Using Our System we can access most solar panels from ground level with our telescopic poles, and the HOT Pure Water can easily cut through all the dirt.

Regular cleaning of your solar panels can ensure this does not happen and many people have reported improvements of 15%-30%.

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    20 Years Experience

    You can have full confidence that we will provide a regular reliable service for years to come.

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    We are Fully Insured and have Public Liability to cover all the cleaning work undertaken by JG Window Cleaning at your property.

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    Pure Water

    We use HOT Pure Water for our Cleaning, this helps to cut through all dirt and grime far better, leaving an even cleaner window.

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    GoCardless Direct Debit Payments are simple and easy, payment is only after we have cleaned the windows, you are in full control and receive advanced

    Our Customers Say:

    Excellent external window cleaning results with a consistently reliable and professional service. Highly recommended.

    Lance (Google Review)

    JG clean my windows for me on a regular basis and are always reliable and do a good job. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!

    Kelly (Google Review)

    Very professional service. Always on time and lovely to deal with. Would highly recommend

    Natasha (Google Review)

    Always polite and friendly. Great service - and great results

    Clare (Google Review)

    Best window cleaner we have ever had, paying by direct debit is also brilliant. Knowing the next window cleaning date which is on the invoice is great.

    Michele (Google Review)

    Excellent company, super reliable and friendly, always on time and always leave the windows soarklibg. Highly recommend!

    Chloe (Google Review)

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    Areas We Cover

    We provide our service in Tunbridge Wells and all the surrounding villages including:

    Southborough, Pembury, Paddock Wood, Rusthall, Langton Green, Groombridge, Fordcombe, Penshurst, Bidborough, Eridge, Frant, Bells Yew Green, Wadhurst, Horsmonden, Lamberhurst, Matfield, Brenchley, Ticehurst & anywhere else in this region.

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    How does Pure Water Window Cleaning work?

    Water is Purified using a process called Reverse Osmosis which takes out all the dirt & minerals that could leave marks on the glass.

    Then special lightweight poles & brushes are used to access windows from ground level, so no need for ladders.

    The brush rubs all the dirt from the glass and surrounding frames & sills then the whole window is rinsed with the Pure Water which will dry clean with NO marks.

    What are the benefits of HOT Pure Water?

    Best way to explain the benefits of using HOT Pure Water is by using an illustration:

    When you clean your dishes would you use cold or hot water? More than likely it’s Hot, as this helps clean the dishes more throughly and cut through the dirt quicker

    So although Cold Pure Water will do a great job cleaning your windows, HOT Pure Water helps us to clean & cut through the dirt on your windows even more effectively.

    Do you clean inside windows & How much is this?

    Although we know how to clean windows in the traditional method we primarily focus on cleaning only the outside of properties.
    However one of the window cleaners who work along with us specialises in cleaning windows inside. He would be happy to provide a quote to do that for you. For his contact details please feel free to contact us.

    What is classed as a regular clean?

    Jobs that have the windows cleaned on a set interval to suit the customers needs.

    The most common intervals are every 4, 6, 8, or 12 Weekly.

    Do you clean windows traditionally?

    We started window cleaning in 2001, and for many years we only cleaned windows traditionally. Since 2006 we changed to using the Pure Water Fed Pole System, and only use this system now to clean external windows.
    However, we do still clean some windows traditionally e.g. to clean the odd inside or external window if they cannot be cleaned with the Pure Water System

    What are the telescopic water fed poles made from?

    Water Fed Poles are made from Glass Fibre, Carbon Fibre or a Glass/Carbon Fibre Mix.

    We use Full Carbon Fibre poles, they are stronger, lighter & more durable than Glass Fibre Poles.

    Do you clear out Gutters & How much is this?

    We no longer offer this service, however one of the window cleaners who work along with us specialises in clearing out gutters using a ladder-less Gutter Vacuum system. He would be happy to provide a quote to do that for
    you. For his contact details please feel free to contact us.

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